What we do

At Usedcomputer.asia, we sell refurbished laptops and desktops. We provide the cheapest refurbished computers and laptops in Malaysia. We are dedicated in providing our valued customers with computers and laptops at the highest quality where the products can be compared with brand new products.

Our Vision

We are focused on stressing consumers to purchase refurbished computers and laptops at cheaper price rather than purchasing new products which are highly priced. We want to help low income and middle income consumers to own their very own computers and laptops with an affordable price while preserving the environment.

Why Buy From Us

Why pay more when you can get cheaper from us. Our computers and laptops comes directly from factory where we perform the whole refurbishment process rather than buying from suppliers. Now everyone has the chance to own computers. All our computers and laptops comes with 1 year carry in warranty.

Why Usedcomputer.asia?

We are the pioneers when it comes to computer and desktop refurbishment. We have our own factory where the laptops and computers are refurbished systematically to ensure only high quality ones are sold to the consumers.

Our Philosophy

We want to help the lower income and middle income consumers who have difficulties in purchasing high priced new computers and laptops. We want to create awareness towards the consumers that they can still own a computer or laptop with cheaper price.

Our Network

We have created Usedcomputer.asia to help consumers to purchase and even trade-in their used computers and laptops. Usedcomputer.asia is the trusted and leading refurbished computer and laptop supplier in Malaysia. We are looking to expand to Southeast Asia region in near future.

Cooperate with Us!

When you purchase refurbished laptops or computers, you’re giving a new life to the products which has not reach its EOT (End-of-Life). Moreover, you can fulfill your children’s desire to own¬†their very own computers and laptops at an affordable price.

What can we do for you ?

You can email us and we will respond to your questions and issues within 2 to 3 hours.

We focus on providing top quality refurbished computers and laptops which will look alike and perform like the new ones.

We are focused on delivering the purchased products in 72 hours within Klang Valley which means the products will be delivered to you in 1-3 days.

Customers are the valuable assets of Usedcomputer.asia. We will provide excellent customer service to ensure you’re happy and satisfied purchasing products from us.

We have more than 500 satisfied customers and the numbers are increasing. You should be one of them to enjoy top quality refurbished computers and laptops.